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North Queensland Club By-Laws Update 26.08.14

As per Rule 9 of the North Queensland Club, the Committee shall have the power from time to time, when and as they shall think fit to pass By-Laws for the regulation of the affairs of the Club, provided they are not inconsistent with any of the general Rules, and to alter or repeal any such By-Laws. A record of the By-Laws shall be kept in the Club House.


For the benefit of all Members and Associates, the Club wishes to maintain its standard as the premier private membership Club in North Queensland while recognising the tropical lifestyle of our environment. The following dress standards are expected of all Members and guests.

  1. The Club will advise the dress code for special Club events and respect for the requested dress code is appreciated by all Members and Associates.
  2. The minimum standard of dress for lunches and after work drinks at the Club is “Club Casual”.
    1. As a minimum standard, Gentlemen shall wear long tailored trousers, dress jeans or tailored dress shorts with a collared shirt and closed in shoes or boots.
    2. As a minimum standard, Ladies shall wear a dress, skirt and blouse or long trousers and blouse with shoes or dress sandals.
  3. The following items of clothing are not acceptable in the Club and hence Members, Associates and guests wearing such items will not be entitled to enter the premises and be served. Respect for the dress code and fellow Members and Associates is appreciated.
    • Torn or cut-off jeans
    • Board shorts or other non-dress shorts
    • T-Shirts or singlet tops
    • Sporting attire including track suits
    • Any clothing displaying vulgar language or prejudiced messages
    • Any clothing that is torn, ripped or in poor repair
    • Cargo pants
    • Thong footwear


The following standards and courtesies are requested of all Members, Associates and guests.

  1. Members, Associates, staff and all visitors to the Club are to abide by the Values of the Club: Friendship, Respect, Integrity and Courtesy.
  2. Mobile phones are only to be used in the Club House in circumstances where they do not cause interference or annoyance to others. It is recommended that mobile phones be on silent mode when at the Club and calls be taken and made outside.
  3. No employee of the Club shall be sent out of the Club on any errand by any Member, Associate or guest of the Club.
  4. Members completing a game on the Billiard Tables shall not commence a fresh game if others are waiting to play.
  5. No Member, Associate or Guest is to enter the Club working areas unless authorised by the Committee or the Manager.
  6. The conduct of any employee of the Club shall in no instance be made the subject of a personal reprimand by any Member, Associate or guest of the Club, but all complaints against the employee shall be made to the Manager who shall refer such complaints to the Committee for its consideration as appropriate.
  7. No Member, Associate or guest of the Club may use the Club to store items or take delivery of items. Any special arrangements that need to be made for a Club function must be discussed with the Club Manager at least one week in advance.


For the benefit of all Members and Associates, the Club wishes to ensure sound financial management and sustainable cash flow.

  1. New Members and Associates will be advised of their success in being elected and sent an invoice for the Subscription Fee within five working days of the Committee meeting at which the new Member or Associate is elected.
  2. The Joining Fee as at 26th August, 2014 is $110, including GST.
  3. Town Membership and Associate subscriptions are to be paid annually in advance or quarterly in advance. For Members choosing to pay quarterly, payments will be accepted by automatic payment against a nominated credit card or bank account. Tax invoices will be issued for all accounts when due. As per the Rules there are discounted subscription fees for Veteran Member (75% discount for those with 40 years or more of continued membership) and Senior Member (50% discount for those with 30 years or more of continued membership).
  4. Country Membership subscriptions are to be paid annually in advance. Tax invoices will be issued for all accounts when due. As per the Rules there are discounted subscriptions for Veteran and Senior Members, with 75% and 50% discount respectively as per the case with Town Members.
  5. Ideally payments for meals and beverages are made at the time of consumption; however, there is an opportunity to use the Slate System. That is, Members and Associates can put their expenditure onto a monthly account. To access this credit service from the Club, a Member or Associate is required to complete an auto-debit form with either credit card or bank account details for an automatic payment of the due amount each month. A monthly invoice will also be issued and should a Member or Associate have any query about the invoice, it must be brought to the attention of the Manager as a matter of urgency and no later than four weeks after the expenditure was incurred.
  6. Honorary Members are not entitled to use the Slate System and are required to pay for all accounts at the time of incurring the cost. In the event of an Honorary Member leaving Townsville with monies owing to the Club, the nominating Member shall be liable for the amount thereof.


For the benefit of all Members and Associates, the Club wishes to ensure fair pricing for events. To do this, the Club has implemented the following policies and procedures.

  1. RSVPs for events will only be confirmed with full payment in advance.
  2. Up until 5 business days before the event, cancellations will be accepted with a 15% cancellation fee. No refunds can be made for cancellations made less than 5 business days before the event. Substitution of Members or guests will be accepted with any differential in price to be paid at the event.


To minimise risks and to ensure planning for the future sustainability of the Club, the following By-Laws reflect the responsibilities of the Committee, Members, Associates and staff.

  1. The Club Committee can form Sub-Committees to focus on activities and initiatives that align with the Rules and By-Laws. At 31st July, 2014 there are Sub-Committees for Membership, Events, Marketing and Facility Management. Members are encouraged to consider how they would like their Club to perform and to contribute to the Club’s operations through a Sub-Committee or the Club Committee.
  2. The Club Committee is responsible for developing and doing an annual review, and as appropriate, update of a Strategic Plan for the Club.
  3. The Club Committee is responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of an Annual Business Plan and Budget.
  4. The Club Committee is responsible for the leadership, guidance and regular reviews of the Club Manager’s performance. The President, Treasurer and Secretary will have regular meetings with the Club Manager in regard to strategic and operational priorities.
  5. The Club Manager is responsible for implementing the strategies and actions identified in the Annual Business Plan and for managing the Club’s finances to meet the budget. The Club Manager is responsible for reporting to the Committee on a monthly basis and meeting with Committee Members as required to address issues and opportunities.

The By-Laws of the Club guide the Members in matters relating to Club standards and etiquette. Please click here for a copy.

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